The 2023 competition is under planning, so stay tuned!

Have you ever thought of changing the world?

Have you ever thought of explore the universe?

RunSpace Innovation Challenge invites you to share your ideas and creativity to

bring novel space-related solution.

If you are interested, come and join us!

Origin and Purpose of the Activity

With the aim to develop Taiwan's space industry infrastructure, the Executive Yuan of Taiwan proposed the "Space Infrastructure and Industry Development Advance Program" since 2022. Through inter-ministerial collaboration among the National Science Council, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Ministry of Digital Affairs, and the Ministry of Education, this project focuses on three main domains: satellite technology development, industry promotion, and talent cultivation. With the expectation of the program, we hope to strengthen Taiwan's space technology and stimulate the development of the domestic satellite industry.

To cultivate young talents and upgrade technology in the space field, the Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs held the first "RunSpace Innovation Challenge" in 2022. The competition covers various themes based on the development of the space industry. We would like to expand new ideas from participants and explore more practical collaborations between entities and participants.


  • Each team is composed of 1-5 members and no cross-team participation is allowed. Start-ups, business firms, and students are all welcomed.

  • Each team can submit only 1 entry.

  • We recommend teams to have members from dynamic background.

  • Each team can have up to 2 mentors/experts (not required).

    • Participants are not allowed to be mentors/experts of their own team or other teams.

    • Information about the mentor/expert may not be included in any entry, including submitted documents, videos, presentations, etc.

    • To ensure the fairness of the competition, only team members are allowed to participate in training activities and enter the final venue.


Focus on the four major aspects: "Ground Equipment", "Satellite Manufacturing", "Satellite Services" and "Satellite Launch" and propose relevant service scenarios and innovative solutions.


Ground Equipment

  • Ground station: RF equipment, power supply equipment, printed circuit boards, related electronic components and mechanical elements, etc.
  • User terminals: Satellite set-top boxes, very small aperture terminal (VSAT), navigation equipment, satellite phones, etc.

Satellite Manufacturing

Antenna, RF/baseband components, software-defined satellites, satellite communications payload and remote sensing (telemetry payloads), etc.


Satellite Services

Satellite voice and narrowband data transmission services, broadcast, satellite Internet of Things (IoT) and satellite broadband services, satellite remote sensing, navigation and positioning, etc.


Satellite Launch

Matching and agency for launch service, launch mission consultancy management.



Human space travel, space funerals, space food and daily necessities improvement, etc.

Technology Category (Including but not limited to)
  • Satellite Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Mobile Communications
  • Emergency Control & rescue
  • Broadband Connectivity
  • Remote Sensing and Imaging
  • Navigation application
  • Satellite Telehealth
  • Broadcast
Application Category (Including but not limited to)
  • Maritime Operations
  • Agricultural Planting
  • Disaster relief and rescue
  • Satellite Broadcasting
  • Conservation Animal Tracking
  • Transportation
  • Environmental Monitoring


  • Registration15, Sep.

  • Deadline for registration14, Oct.

  • Announcement of finalists1, Nov.

  • Boot camp for shortlist teamsMid November.

  • Final competition & exhibition5, Dec.

  • Award Ceremony & Demo Day6, Dec.

Judging Phases




  • Online Application.
  • Selection of 10 shortlisted teams.
  • Documents of 10 slides presentation to present your project.



  • Presentation and exhibition of the entry project review.
  • The judges will select and rank of the winner teams. Extra awards may be announced if neccesary.
  • Project Presentation.
  • 30-60 second description film with English subtitles.
  • Key Point: Visual object such as prototype, 3D model, dashboard are recommended.

Judging Criteria


Theoretical and Technical Innovation


Problem Application and Resolution


Business Feasibility Assessment


Envisioning future impact

Integrity of the concept or product proposal in terms of technical innovation and theoretical application.

Concept or product that improve or solve existing space satellite industry problems.

Financial reporting of the concept or product for future commercial operations.

Fully highlight the impact of the concept or product on the future industry.

Awards & Prizes

  • Finalist Award
  • Icon


    10 shortlisted teams will receive a prize in amount of NT$10,000 each.

  • Awards
  • Icon


    The champion

  • Icon


    The second place

  • Icon


    The third place

The organizer has the right to make adjustments to the awards, such as adding new ones or vacancies, etc.
For additional adjustments, please refer to the News.

Space BootcampTraining Series Space Bootcamp

Shortlist teams will be able to participate in training activities for preparing competition and connect with the industry to strengthen their innovative proposals.

Space technology lecture Space technology lecture: Invited industry, government and academic experts in the space field to provide related courses of space technology industry.
Space Enterprise Visit Space Enterprise Visit: Visit and exchange with domestic space industry or related organizations of public associations.
Design Thinking Workshop Design Thinking Workshop: A design thinking process to stimulate creative ideas and explore more space applications.
Business Model Lecture Business Model Lecture: Space industry commercialization or start-up team experience sharing to enhance the feasibility of the team's business model.
Presentation Skills Course Presentation Skills Course: Provide training on beautifying team presentations and on-stage reporting skills.
Video Production Course Video Production Course: Provide video or animation production training to help teams via video to convey their creative ideas.
English consultation English consultation: Assist the team with English writing and expression.

* The organizer reserves the right to modify (e.g., adjust online) or terminate the above training activities at any time due to the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic.




Terms & Conditions

  1. Participants guarantee that they will not damage the relevant competition software and hardware equipment provided by the organizer, co-organizers and other sponsoring support manufacturers. If there is any damage or loss, the participant shall be liable for all damages.
  2. Participants need to fully understand that the organizer does not guarantee the availability and integrity of any equipment, circuits and related competition environments provided.
  3. If the participating teams need to set up hardware and software not provided by the organizer at the venue of this competition, they must obtain the consent of the organizer before the competition and provide a "list of erection equipment" to facilitate the evaluation of the organizer; If the venue of this competition interferes with other participants, the organizer may require the participating team to stop using the software and hardware.
  4. If any technical or non-technical problems occur during the competition, or any other problems beyond the control of the organizer, resulting in the failure of the competition, the organizer may end or postpone the competition, adjust the rights of the participants, Disqualify the participant or his team from participating in the competition or winning the prize.
  5. Participants need to fully understand that the organizer is not responsible for overdue, lost, incomplete, unqualified, or unreadable entries.
  6. Unless the contestant can prove that he has fulfilled the duty of care of a good manager, the contestant should properly keep the relevant information of the organizer, co-organizer or other sponsoring and supporting manufacturers that he knows or holds because of this competition, and the information that is not obtained by the organizer Written consent shall not be disclosed or delivered to any third party.
  7. All shortlisted and award-winning awards are decided by the judging committee according to the quality of the entries. If necessary, the number of places can be adjusted by "addition" or "absence", and the name of the d can also be changed by the decision of the jury. In order to maintain the fairness of the competition and the scoring requirements, the sponsor has the right to require the finalists and winning teams of the semi-finals to provide their detailed original design documents.
  8. Participants agree that the organizer may publish, reproduce, publicly broadcast, publicly display, re-edit, publish and implement their entries (including images, audio-visual, photos, etc.) for non-commercial purposes, and participants shall not Compensation of any kind is required for the above implementation.
  9. The participant guarantees to be the original copyright owner of the entry, and agrees that the organizer owns the public release, reproduction, public broadcast, public display, re-editing and publication of the entry luding images, audio-visuals, photos, etc.) for use in Academic or promotional educational rights. Participants are solely responsible for any intellectual property disputes, lawsuits, etc. arising from the entries.
  10. Participants agree that the organizer may use their personal information and related entries as a talent matchmaking database for the "2022 RunSpace Infinite Space Innovation Challenge".
  11. All shortlisted and selected teams must cooperate with the organizer to carry out related work such as selection, commendation, subsidies and media interviews and reports. And must cooperate with the sponsor to carry out follow-up benefit tracking for 5 years.
  12. Participants must ensure that the information provided and submitted, as well as the content of the entry documents, are true and do not infringe on the rights and interests of others (including intellectual property ts). In case of false information or violation of the rights and interests of others, the sponsor has the right to cancel its competition or award qualifications, and claim back the bonuses, trophies and certificates, and the participants agree to be fully responsible for all legal liabilities (such as intellectual property disputes, litigation, etc.).
  13. If there is a dispute that the entries infringe on the intellectual property rights of others or violate other competition rules, they will be arbitrated by the judging committee, and the contestants may not object to the arbitration results.
  14. The intellectual property rights of the entries shall belong to the competition team; in order to promote this event, participants agree to permanently authorize the sponsor for free for reproduction, publication, or ication in all activities related to this event. The organizer has the right to compile the entry into any form of album and promote it in a non-profit manner, and the contestant promises not to exercise intellectual property rights and other related rights against the organizer.
  15. If the entries want to apply for patents, the contestants are kindly requested to apply to the Intellectual Property Office before the competition, so as to avoid the loss of novelty of the works due to participation in the competition and affect the application results.
  16. "Sponsors" will negotiate and agree on cooperation between individual sponsors and individual participating teams regarding the use rights and authorization of entries.
  17. If there are any disputes about the division of labor or the distribution of rights and interests within the participating teams (such as bonus collection and distribution), the teams should handle it by themselves and have nothing to do with the organizer.
  18. Winners are required to pay tax in accordance with the Income Tax Law of the Republic of China. The winner is an individual who is a domestic resident, or a profit-making enterprise with a fixed business place in the country, and the bonus or payment of the prize is deducted by 10% of the payment amount, and the winner is an individual who is not a domestic resident, or For profit-making enterprises without a fixed place of business in a, 20% of the payment amount will be withheld. The principle of payment to the winners will be paid in accordance with the relevant tax laws of the year, and there is no objection.
  19. Participants who agree to participate in this competition means that they agree to abide by the rules of this competition, and agree that the jury and the sponsor of this competition have the final decision on this etition. The organizer reserves the right to amend this regulation.
  20. If a participant violates the competition rules or other relevant laws and regulations, the organizer has the right to disqualify the participant or his team from participating or winning prizes.
  21. Participants agree to waive any legal recourse against the organizer, co-organizers and other sponsors and support manufacturers due to this competition.
  22. If there are any matters not mentioned above, the organizer reserves the right to modify the competition rules.