Have you ever thought of changing the world?

Have you ever thought of explore the universe?

“RunSpace Innovation Challenge” calls on talents to propose innovative project related to space and satellite fields.

If you are interested in, come and join us!

Our Vision

In order to strengthen Taiwan's space industry development, the Executive Yuan promoted the "Space Energy and Industrial Development Plan" in 2023. Through the power of National Science Council, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Ministry of Digital Technology, the Ministry of Education and other cross-ministerial arrangements, it aims to launch more strategies on three aspects including satellite technology development, industry promotion, and talent cultivation for further upgrade of Taiwan's space technology and industry.

In order to bring together Taiwan's space innovation talents, the Industrial Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs organized the first "RunSpace Innovation Challenge" in 2022. RunSpace Innovation Challenge invites both domestic and international entities from space industry to interact with young talents through the training sessions, to bring innovative proposals.

We sincerely welcome talents who are interested in the field of space to participate in this space adventure!


  • 1~5 people without any background limitation can form a team. Start-up, entities, and students are welcomed. Cross-disciplinary entries are welcome.

  • No cross-team participation is allowed.

  • Each team can submit only 1 proposal.

  • Each team can have up to 2 advisors (optional).

    • Participants are not allowed to be advisors of their own team or other teams.

    • Information about personal names (including group, leader’s, members’, and advisors’), product name, members’ school or entities, and any other recognizable images like photos or logos etc. Violators will be disqualified.

    • To ensure the fairness of the competition, only team members are allowed to participate in the value-added training activities and enter the final venue.


Focus on the four major aspects: "Ground Equipment & Services", "Satellite Manufacturing", "Satellite Services" and "Satellite Launch" ,and propose relevant service scenarios and innovative solutions.

Ground Equipment & Services Icon

Ground Equipment & Services

  • Ground statio: RF equipment, array antennas, power supply units, PCB, related electronic and mechanical components, data modulation and control, etc.

  • User terminals: VSAT, array antennas, data modulation and control etc.

Satellite Manufacturing Icon

Satellite Manufacturing

  • Antennas and RF/baseband components and chips, software-defined satellites, RSI etc.

Satellite Services Icon

Satellite Services

  • Communications Satellite applications and solutions, edge computing, satellite broadband & IoT services, voice & Narrow-band data transmission, ICT etc.

  • Satellite remote sensing and image recognition and data processing etc.

  • Satellite cyber security and resilience, data encryption, quantum communication, etc.

Satellite Launch Icon

Satellite Launch

  • Launch service solvation, launch service agent, and launch mission management consulting.

Others Icon


  • Space environment cleaning, cosmic radiation detection space equipment detection technology, space agriculture, microgravity experiments, etc.


  • Open for registration and preliminary document uploadFrom Now

  • Space Bootcamp pre-training eventsMay - June

  • Deadline for registration and document upload.30th June, 12:00PM

  • Announcement of shortlisted teamsBeginning of August

  • Space Bootcamp training events for shortlisted teamsAugust - October

  • Final presentation and demonstrationLate October

  • Award ceremony and demo dayNovember - December

※ Early Bird Lottery for iPad ※

Teams that complete registration and upload preliminary review submission before 6th June (Fri) 23:59 will be eligible for the lucky draw to win iPad (10th gen.)! For details, please refer to the event description of "Contest Awards and Bonuses"

Judging Phases

Stage 1 - Preliminary



Stage 1-

Online Application

(Mandarin or English)

  • Proposal is required.

    ➜ 10 slides presentation to present your project.

Stage 2 - Final



Stage 2-

Presentation and demonstration

(Full English)

  • Presentations are required at the date of final contest

  • Providing visualized object such as product prototype, 3D model, dashboards are recommended.

  • 90-second video with English subtitle.

Judging Criteria


Theoretical and Technical Innovation


Problem Application and Resolution


Future impact


Business Feasibility Assessment

Integrity of the concept or product proposal in terms of technical innovation and theoretical application.

Concept or product that improve or solve existing space satellite industry problems.

Fully highlight the impact of the concept or product on the future industry.

Financial reporting of the concept or product for future commercial operations.

Awards & Prizes

  • Awards
  • Prize

    Champion1 team

  • Prize

    Second place1 team

  • Prize

    Third place1 team

  • Bonus Prizes
  • Prize

    Finalist Award10 teams

  • Prize

    Sponsor’s Favorite1 team

  • More awards may be added. For details, please stay tuned to our official website.

  • Early Bird Lottery
  • Early Bird Lottery for iPad2 teams

  1. Process: Any team that completes the registration and uploads the preliminary review documents before 23:59 on 6/9 (Fri) will be eligible for the iPad 10th generation lucky draw!

  2. Prize: Apple iPad 10th generation 64G, 2 places in total. Draw prizes by team. (Product color is random)

  3. Reminder:

    • The organizer reserves the right to make final revisions, changes, event interpretations, and cancellations of this event. Any relevant changes will be announced on the website without prior notice.

    • The organizer is not responsible for entries that are overdue, lost, incomplete (such as not completing all items or blank), or unreadable entries. Teams that encounter the above-mentioned matters will not be eligible for the lucky draw of this event, and the organizer will not notify you otherwise.

    • Prize winners will be withheld according to various income withholding rate standards, and will be handled in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Finance.

Space Bootcamp Training Series

Provide pre-competition and short-listed training courses to assist the team in preparing for the competition, and connect with the industry to strengthen the team's practical ability in innovative proposals. Whether you are a cross-domain team or have a space or satellite background, you are welcome to sign up and participate!

Pre-training events

  1. During May to June.

  2. The events are open to teams who are interested in the space field.

    • Space Technology Lecture: Invite advisors in the field of industry, government and academia to provide courses related to space industry trends.

    • Design Thinking Workshop: leverage your design thinking process to stimulate creative space applications.

Shortlisted exclusive training events

  1. During August to October.

  2. The events are open exclusively to shortlisted teams only.

    • Business Model Lecture: space industry commercialization or start-up team experience sharing to enhance the feasibility of the team's business model.

    • Presentation Skills Course: provide training on beautifying team presentations and on-stage reporting skills.

    • English Consultation: Give advice on the English expression of shortlisted team members' briefings, improve the team's English ability, and facilitate the finals

※ The classes are free but have only limited seats. The organizer has the right to audit participation list.
※ It is mandatory for all shortlisted teams to participate in the Bootcamp training courses and activities for at least 8 hours (including online and physical courses), also to attend the final competition and the award ceremony for the presentation of their projects.
※ The organizer reserves the right to modify the training activities (such as changing to online format) and terminate them at any time.

Certificate of application

  1. If the attendants need certification, please tick requirement in application system. (electronic and paper file can be selected)

  2. Member list will be picked according the last date and time sending from the applicants. Please make sure that the names of applicants provided are the same as the passport or ID cards since they are not editable afterwards.

  3. Certification will be provided around late July.


Executive Organizer

Corporate Sponsor

Terms & Conditions

Please refer to the "Participation Agreement" in the file download section for the complete content.

  1. Contestants should understand that The Organizing Teams are not responsible for the incomplete, overdue, unqualified, lost, unreadable works and undelivered mails.

  2. Contestants should be able to exercise the due care of a good administrator and not to leak out any information about the The Organizing Team, co- Organizing Teams and sponsors.

  3. Absent or addition of award winners are permitted when the judge panel sees fit. It is also the judge panel’s right to request the contestants in terms of their works.

  4. Organizing Team shall have the absolute right to use any photograph, video or any other record of the events and submitted works for purposes including advertising, education and promoting for the contest. The contestants should not request for any forms of reward.

  5. The contestants are responsible for any intellectual property rights issues and lawsuits related to the submitted work.

  6. The contestants should agree on the usage of its personal information and relative works by the Organizing Team.

  7. The winning teams should cooperate with the The Organizing Teams in terms of the selection, reward, allowance and media report and will be traced for five years for its follow-up benefit.

  8. Contestants should ensure the information and application supplied are true, accurate and legal. The Organizing Team reserves the right to cancel the prize if the contestants violate the IP laws. Contestants are responsible for all legal liabilities and any consequences involved.

  9. The intellectual property rights of the entries shall belong to the competition team; in order to promote this event, participants agree to permanently authorize the The Organizing Team for free for reproduction, publication, or publication in all activities related to this event. The The Organizing Team has the right to compile the entry into any form of album and promote it in a non-profit manner, and the contestant promises not to exercise intellectual property rights and other related rights against the The Organizing Team.

  10. Penal judges reserves the right to decide if the works violates the Intellectual Property Right when any controversy happens.

  11. The intellectual property rights of the entries shall belong to the competition team; in order to promote this event, participants agree to permanently authorize the sponsor for free, for reproduction, publication, or publication in all activities related to this event. The The Organizing Team has the right to compile the entry into any form of album and promote it in a non-profit manner, and the contestant promises not to exercise intellectual property rights and other related rights against the The Organizing Team.

  12. Since the competition is a public disclosure, we highly recommend the contestants file their patent before any public disclosure, including this competition.

  13. The sponsors will individually contact with the team to discuss further details and authorization terms about their work.

  14. The Organizing Team have no right to intervene in the prize arrangement. The contest-related problems should be arranged by the team.

  15. For prizes or awards from contests and games won by chance, the withholding tax rate is 10% for resident individuals and enterprises and 20% for non-resident individuals and enterprises.

  16. If a participant violates the competition rules or other relevant laws and regulations, the The Organizing Team has the right to disqualify the participant or his team from participating or winning prizes.

  17. Contestants agrees to waive his/her right to pursue legal action against the Organizing Team and Sponsors.

  18. Organizing Team reserves the right to amend the rules and regulations of this contest.